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Architecture Music

CAD and music

I miss the days when I could sit down and do a massive drawing task over a few days relatively interrupted and just churn through album after album in iTunes. These days I struggle to listen to an album in a day and it’s never in one sitting. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoy my job a million times more now but still long for a good isolation-CAD-music-therapy.

Today I’m trying to listen to Ghostface Killah. You should too.


Funny Music

Get Lucky

Infectious in the extreme but as with most things, Partridge does it better. Watch and enjoy!


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Love this! Music

Bubbles, Daft Punk and LASERS

Real time tracking of bubbles with lasers to Daft Punk. No idea why you’d do this but it’s pretty awesome.


Music Photography

How records are made

Well, were made perhaps. A great Flickr set of images from the 50’s showing how records were manufactured – looks fairly labour intensive in those days. A little more info here.



London Music

Grimes @ Heaven

I had the pleasure of seeing Grimes last night at Heaven with Emma, Janey and Kasha. We arrived for the main act but it was kind of all very strange from the start. It all felt a little Nathan Barley at first mainly due to he presence of a pole dancer behind her along with a man waving glowing sticks in the air next to her. Other parts felt more like something the KLF might have done.

Couple of great tunes in there from her latest album but was pretty underwhelmed by the rest. I guess one of the reasons is that you couldn’t actually tell what she was singing and what was sample due to her being in total darkness. Regardless we had a great time, the venue was decent, bar service quick and even the bouncers friendly. Also managed to get a quick trip to Herman Ze German in before.





Listen all of ya’ll it’s a Sabotage

Still my favourite music video of all time I think. Incredible shame to have lost someone as talented Adam Yauch / MCA. I spent a lot of my degree in Portsmouth listening to these guys and have a large collection of their back catalogue. I’ve spent all weekend with Ill Communication and Check Your Head on full blast in the van.




I made this when it wasn’t raining

Well I didn’t but my fabulous lady friend did. It’s the name of one of the many playlists she has made over the years, some specifically for me. One of the reasons we got together many years ago was a shared love of music (and standing outside of pubs talking). I thought I knew a lot and was a little obsessive about it but was literally scratching the surface compared to her. I was promptly smacked down but then thoroughly educated and my brain enlarged to all sorts of possibilities. From hip hop to electronica to folk and back. It doesn’t matter what it is so long as it’s good, good music.

I remember hearing someone saying that they liked music in front of my mate Nick. His reply “You don’t like music like Emma likes music”. Probably the best thing that’s ever left his mouth.

Anyway, all of the playlists are superb and help while away the days of detailing and writing emails at work or driving many miles on the M4. The one I’ve been listening today is I made this when it wasn’t raining. You should too and listen to the genius within.

Other classic playlists include:


We was like mork and mindy

Little love dog

I’m totally over Jordan Catalano.

Sometimes you have to pee in the sink.

Listen and learn.


London Music

Mumford & Sons

Whilst not a gig I normally I would have signed up to go and see, the good Janey Mac bought us tickets to see them last night at the Hammersmith Apollo. They really are incredible live and spine tinglingly good. This version doesn’t really do it justice as to how good they are live.

Here’s two rubbish pictures taken with my phone also.





Guilty pleasures

For some reason I can’t stop listening to this album. Perhaps it reminds me of the drive to School in Mum’s crappy Metro.

Genesis - Invisible Touch


Love this! Music

Steppin’ out

I love all sorts of music but I’m always amazed at how amazing this track is. That bass line and backing riff is unbeatable! Apparently incredibly hard to mix if you’re a DJ but who cares. One of my all time favourite tunes. Just saying that phrase reminds me of Jack Black in High Fidelity. Love that film too.