I made this when it wasn’t raining

Well I didn’t but my fabulous lady friend did. It’s the name of one of the many playlists she has made over the years, some specifically for me. One of the reasons we got together many years ago was a shared love of music (and standing outside of pubs talking). I thought I knew a lot and was a little obsessive about it but was literally scratching the surface compared to her. I was promptly smacked down but then thoroughly educated and my brain enlarged to all sorts of possibilities. From hip hop to electronica to folk and back. It doesn’t matter what it is so long as it’s good, good music.

I remember hearing someone saying that they liked music in front of my mate Nick. His reply “You don’t like music like Emma likes music”. Probably the best thing that’s ever left his mouth.

Anyway, all of the playlists are superb and help while away the days of detailing and writing emails at work or driving many miles on the M4. The one I’ve been listening today is I made this when it wasn’t raining. You should too and listen to the genius within.

Other classic playlists include:


We was like mork and mindy

Little love dog

I’m totally over Jordan Catalano.

Sometimes you have to pee in the sink.

Listen and learn.