It’s sad to see that Brixton Cycles need to vacate their current premises to make way for a development of flats on the site. Sadly most are likely to be completely un-affordable for the majority of people but then that’s the London property market for you.

Brixton Cycles is more than just a bike shop. We’re London’s oldest worker-owned bike coop and an integrated part of the Brixton community. For 32 years we’ve been serving the cyclists of South London, supporting them to live a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle, as well as encouraging young people in the local area onto two wheels, lending them tools for free.

Unfortunately, in January we have to leave our current premises as it’s being converted into luxury flats as part of the gentrification of the area. We’ve played a key role in the development of this community over the last 32 years and now we’re being excluded from the next chapter of it’s story!

We estimate the cost of moving as between £120-£150,000, including renovating a new space to fit our needs. As a coop, this is money we just don’t have. That’s why we’re asking for your help to cover some of these costs, to help us #savebrixtoncycles!

Last night they launched a crowd funding campaign to help them cover the costs of moving to a new space which hopefully means they can stay in Brixton for many years to come. Whilst I’m normally sceptical of crowd funding campaigns this one looks pretty well done and has some decent rewards for all levels of budgets. I’ve pledged some money to make sure I get a T-shirt and limited edition cap. As if I need another “stupid little hat” – Emma’s words not mine. I also get to have my name on the wall of the new shop which is a nice little touch.

As of writing they’ve got to £19,392 of the £40,000 they need. Pretty impressive for less than a day of fundraising! Make sure you watch and share the below video and please give a few quid to this great London institution.

I also love this video of Jim fluffing his lines over and over again.