It’s difficult to make pictures these days

I have a whole host of dusty cameras now sitting at home largely due to the iPhone 6 camera being so incredibly good. So it doesn’t do ISO 2000 or won’t spit out a RAW file but it’s always there and you know like Chase Jarvis once said

“The best camera you have is the one you have with you”

And the iPhone is always with me.

One of the ones I look at longingly is the Fujifilm X100. It’s the original one and is a bit slow, a bit battered and not the latest by any stretch of the imagination. For a long time it was a permanent fixture around my neck or nestled in my hand ready to use. For some reason I stopped using it. I stopped thinking I’d see anything worth taking pictures of. Part of it was also that I take pictures for a job, albeit part time, and there’s an association of work with using a camera. Whilst work of most forms is good you often don’t want to associate with it at weekends.

So it was nice a few weekends ago to grab it for a walk round town. Emma was surprised to see it, I was surprised I was using it and I was surprised I enjoyed using it again so much.

Bin party
If only they were 90 degrees the other way