Hawksmoor x 8

I love receiving Keir Alexander’s Morning Visual Treat (MVT) each morning when I’m settling in to another day at work. There’s always something interesting and thought provoking to see. I’ve no idea where he finds it all from but I’m happy to receive it. You can sign up here for this amazing email digest.

The one this morning was really nice with a series of eight Hawksmoor churches all drawn out in this really nice graphic.


The graphic is taken from an article on the AR about a new book which looks well worth getting and will contain photographs by Hélène Binet.

Much of the material was first exhibited at the 2012 Venice Biennale, where I thought at the time it would make an excellent book. This is indeed the case – each of the eight churches is presented in the same way, with finely drawn plans and elevations, counterpoised by the stark and compelling monochrome photographs of Hélène Binet. This establishes a powerful relationship between on the one hand architectural precision and, on the other, the sober, sombre reality of the churches.

One for payday perhaps.