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Festive 500

I’ve been thinking about whether this would pop up again this year and also my thoughts on the event. Today I got an email from Strava noting the arrival of the 2014 Rapha Festive 500.

Give your legs the greatest gift this holiday by riding 500 kilometers with Rapha and Strava.

Once again, Rapha and Strava are challenging riders around the world to clock 500 kilometers between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

I really like the idea of it and it seems like a fun challenge to get involved in, especially when the weather is a bit crap and everyone is filling their faces. But then I’ve been riding a lot this year and getting into doing lots of challenges on Strava and for the last few months I’ve aimed to do a Fondo and try and hit 1250k each month. I’ve been riding lots during the week which means an evening or two not at home as well as Sunday riding. The Sunday rides usually end up far longer than planned and result in me coming back in a complete mess and unable to do anything else apart from eat and have a bath.

Which is why I won’t be doing the Festive 500.

Having had so much understanding and encouragement all year round from Emma and other family members it would seem pretty rude not to give my full attention to her, and them, over Christmas. But in some ways I want to say thanks for all that understanding and “sure go riding I don’t mind..” when I ask if it would be ok to be out all day on Sunday.

I’ve got a decent stretch off this year, from the 18th Dec to the 5th Jan so I’m sure I’ll do a few rides in there. I just don’t think I’ll be slogging it out trying to hit that target. It’s not that I don’t think it’s a good idea or poo pooing anyone doing it, it’s just that I’ll be watching Die Hard with a nice ale in my hand eating sausage rolls.

And if you are doing it go and read all about Richard Seipp and his wonderful Son who have completed it two years in a row. His son was 7 when they first did it! What a legend.