The next challenge

Having done the Dunwich I’m thinking of the next challenge to push myself a bit. Strava have the Monthly Training Series they do and I think I’m going to have a go at getting to 1250km in July. So far I’ve got to 608km and have been busy multiplying out how much riding I need to do to get to that final milestone. We’re off to Wales this weekend and I’ve even totalled up the three trails and how much that will contribute. Cannock = 24km, The Beast at Coed-Y 38km and 21km at Llandegla. I’ve even considered taking the road bike to Wales to do a bit more in the mornings to top it up a bit.

I might need to start getting up a bit earlier to get the 40k average per day I need! I think the bike will need a service at the end and I’ll have a couple of days off riding after that though (maybe).

I guess I’m going to be seeing a lot more of this thing.