I’ve given up on humanity

I took the long way home tonight. Three laps of Regents Park, down the usual route over Waterloo Bridge and then up over Denmark Hill and a left up to East Dulwich. I thought I’d get two nice bottles of beer from Boss Man on Lordship Lane. I parked my bike outside and turned around after hearing a crash.

I turned round to see a pedestrian on the floor and a motorbike on its side. There was a massive Range Rover behind and the driver leaned out of the window to tell the pedestrian (who was still on the floor) what a “stupid fucking idiot” he was and how “he should have fucking looked” before speeding off. No one asked the guy on the floor if he was ok.

Again, no one asked the person on the floor if he was ok!

Things started getting pretty nasty from the biker and his friend, also on another motorbike. I got my beer and then then both looked at me to see if I had seen anything. I went over to see if the guy who had been hit was ok, and also partially to make sure he didn’t get a bad deal – marched to a cash machine etc. There was no damage to the motorbike but the guy was still mouthing off about it. The pedestrian was clearly in a state of shock and had no idea how to resolve it. I suggested he call 112 and ask for police. As he made the call the operator asked for the index of the bike. At this point the biker ripped off his number plate which was held on by velcro! He also grabbed the phone from the guy and started berating the operator. The police were going to take 30 mins to get there so he got the biker got frustrated at the lack of progress and said he had to collect his kids! Off he went, not before making more threats to the guy. His friend arrived again and was wearing a ski mask under his helmet. They both drove off aggressively down the road and that was that.

I’m amazed at the lack of consideration shown to someone who had been injured by not only the driver of the bike but others around. No one offered to help at all. It makes me so sad to think how selfish so many of us have become, being more concerned with our own property than of others and their welfare.

What a day. Hopefully tomorrow is better.