Cycling Rant

Lets all be nice to each other on the road

I see so much crap towards cyclists people who choose to travel by bike online. I follow loads of pro cycling people on Twitter and plenty of people post shocking and dangerous clips, as well as the odd idiot copper. I’ve also spent plenty of my time being on the receiving end of this crap too. There’s also these bullshit campaigns, the Nice Way Code being one of them recently. I try and not post about that stuff here but then once in a while one of them tips me over the edge. This time it’s the city of London and this bullshit film.

Lets all share and be nice. How about the driver doesn’t drive on his phone, doesn’t go in the ASZ, uses his indicators and doesn’t drive aggressively? No we have to be nice to each other. For fucks sake this shit makes my blood boil.

There’s no room for proper cycle infrastructure in our medieval streets… pans to wide boulevard. Just a fucking joke all over. Try again City of London.

Via @veloevol