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Test shot

Testing, testing.

When shooting with the D700 on proper shoots I have lots of images of me standing in various places with a grey card looking back towards the camera with the remote shutter release. It seems like with then GoPro I’m going to have a lot more of these style shots – squinting at the camera and seeing if it’s on and recording.


So I got up to cycle to work to record lots of cyclists and mega-traffic-ogeddon but neither showed for the occasion. There was hardly anything to see at 7am so maybe an 8 or 8.30 start next time. Still, the settings and position seem to be a lot better. Facing backwards is a bit more fun as you see cyclists expressions and you’re not aware of the camera recording all the time. I set it to take a shot every 0.5 seconds and ended up with 3726 frames. The GoPro 2 seems to be much much better at getting a consistent exposure as well as a much better overall tone and colour to the images.

Arse cam