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New York in pictures

So we went to New York for seven nights and had a great time there. I think we need another weeks holiday to relax from it though. There’s loads I want to write about… the trip, the vehicles, the scale of the place, the people, the food and so on and so on. But for now I just want to celebrate the fact I edited 1200 photos down to 126. There’s a few more to come but this is it for now. Go get em at Flickr.

Here’s a few of my favourites so far.

NYPL (from the ground)
Grand Central
Morphopedia building, Cooper Union by Morphosis
New York Street scene



Fuck yeah New York

We’re off to New York tomorrow for our first proper holiday together. It’s also my first time on a proper flight and out of Europe. We have lists of things to do that go on and on and on – food, drinks, museums, galleries, sights, photography things, architecture and parks. I have GB’s worth of memory cards and can’t wait to just experience an entirely new city and all it has to offer. I’m also only taking one camera – the X100.

Emma has been before but a long time ago. Even so I think both of us are going to be a little like this when we get there…


See you on the other side.


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Fuck yeah NYC

So we finally got around to booking our first proper holiday together. No more Cornwall camping or couple of nights in a nice hotel here and there with a walk along a beach after. We’re doing it properly this time – we’re going to NEW YORK BABY! So we’ve booked two flights to New York JFK for June. We’re going to stay in an apartment in Williamsburg which is better than a hotel in my eyes and enjoy every bloody minute of it.

We’ve both made an enormous list of things to do already. Food, bikes, buildings, galleries, museums, views, drinks, more food… We’ve got seven nights there so should hopefully have plenty of time to enjoy it all and get a good experience of the city without feeling rushed. Best get reading through this and work out how many memory cards I’ll need for a weeks worth of photos.

Wallpaper New York guide

Can’t wait! I think Emma might explode with excitement before we go.


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Bexhill & Eastbourne

A few weekends back we had a weekend away to visit Bexhill, walk around, eat chips, admire dogs on the beach etc and then went to Eastbourne to stay in a supposedly “Boutique” hotel for the night. I’ve only just got round to start processing my shots from the X100. I seem to be taking more photos than I have time to edit right now but here’s a few of my favourites so far.

Dog chat


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Mumbles seascape

A while back now but only just getting round to editing some of the shots I took including this cracking view from the B&B we stayed in. A touch of a grad filter added in Lightroom to bring out the detail in the sky but otherwise pretty much as shot.

Mumbles view


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Architecture in Northern Ireland

Having just got back from a visit to Northern Ireland it seems like a good time to start planning the next. Usually we fly into Belfast or Derry and then go to either Portstewart or Donegal. However I think on the next trip we might hang around a little before going to see family. There seems to be a sudden flurry of excellent new projects reaching completion over there which we’d both love to see.

Top of the list has to be the new MAC in Belfast by Hall McKnight.

Images © Christian Richters

Then whilst still in Belfast it’s almost certainly worth seeing the Sterling Shortlisted Lyric Theatre by O’Donnell & Tuomey. I’ve been a fan of their work for years since meeting them on a field trip to Dublin in 2000 during my degree.

Images © Dennis Gilbert

Then West to Derry to see An Gaelaras, again by O’Donnell & Tuomey.

Image © Dennis Gilbert

After that and catching up with Emma’s dad then I think it’ll be time to drive North to Portstewart and then on to the Giant’s Causeway visitor centre by Heneghan and Peng. The last time we were there it the white shed was no where near as good as this! Then I think that’ll be enough architecture and it’ll be time for a Guinness and a glass of Bushmills.

Images © Hufton & Crow

Updated: My friend Matthew emailed me with a map of all the projects worth visiting which is well worth looking at if you’re planning a trip.


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Northern Ireland – more snaps

Finally found a few spare moments to process a the rest of the holiday snaps from our trip to Portstewart a few weeks back. Nothing too earth shattering photography wise but some nice snaps for this months prints.

Two dogs

Kicks & lead

Enough streetlights?


Stating the obvious



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Northern Ireland rocks

Just back from a superb long weekend in Northern Ireland with Emma and Jane. A great day in Belfast with Jane’s sister and daughter, and then two days in Portstewart. Lovely weather bizarrely whilst London was freezing we were walking along the beach in relatively warm sunshine. Couldn’t resist running a few shots through Lightroom before bed.

Portstewart, The Strand


This and that way


Off to the swings



Portstewart here we come

Off on an early flight tomorrow morning to spend a weekend back in Northern Ireland with Emma and Jane. Last time we went it was fairly crazy weather so I’m expecting more of the same. Sunny, wet, wet, wet, sunny etc. Lots of photo opportunities and hopefully plenty of Guinness and Bushmills to be had also. Can’t believe it was 2009 when we were last there.


A bit windy like

Day 128 of 365 - May 8th

Also, I’m so glad I don’t add those stupid borders to my photos anymore!



France trip 2011

Another year, another trip to France. What an amazing spot! Did lots of swimming, drinking and burning in the sun. Even more suncream needed next time. Took my proper camera this year too as I need to use it for more than just paying jobs. A few select photos as uploaded to Flickr.

Ummmmbbbrrrreeellllaaaa aaahh haa


Nice spot for a swim