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Birthday wander

This year my birthday fell on a Sunday which meant I didn’t need to take a day off work as is my usual ritual. My birthday is never a big thing but I don’t think anyone should be at work for a birthday really.

Work had been so busy that I’d kind of forgotten that it was a approaching. I was hoping to go riding the day before but the weather was horrendous and my email to people seeing if anyone was around was largely unanswered. Emma gave us a new set of amazing kicks in the morning and we then headed to Dragon Castle for Dim Sum. We somehow managed to sit down, order straight away and have a drink and were out in an hour. I think we will try and stagger the arrival of the Dim Sum next time. The food was great and whilst the Negroni wasn’t amazing it certainly helped me relax. After that we headed in to town to take a look around the National Portrait Gallery and the Taylor-Wessing Prize via Trafalgar Square and a quick peek at the new big blue bird on the fourth plinth.

Two birds on the fourth plinth
Up yours Andy
Picture takers

After that we headed up to Covent Garden via a few shops to grab a few bits and bobs for people. We stopped in at my usual favourite the London Graphic Centre and Monmouth Coffee as well as the Brooks store which has just opened up. After that a new pair of jeans in Carhartt and over to Mishkins for cocktails to finish off where they do proper Negronis! And that was that. A lovely day out to celebrate the grand old age of 34!

Hashtag scaffoldlove
From the ground