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First ever football match

So I made it to the grand old age of 33 and 3/4s without seeing a football match in a proper stadium. To be honest I had very little interest in seeing any football as I’m just not a fan. But I had thought that it’d be a great experience to one day go to one.

Fortunately an email popped into my overflowing Outlook from Bob Barton. Would I like to go to an international match at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea vs Basel, with steak and beer before followed by more beer.

Hell yes.

We had some absolutely cracking seats as Bob is a season ticket holder. It’s smaller than it looks on the telly but a great atmosphere. Completely loved it apart from queuing for a pee with 800 or so other men in close proximity at half time. Crap result but a great evening with Bob, Bart and Henry.

And here’s a wonky picture of the view from our seats.

First ever football match. Chelsea vs Basel courtesy of Bob Barton.