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Easter in Cambridge

So nice to be out of London for the long weekend. Plenty of walking, cycling, eating, drinking and laughing as well as just enjoying the peace and quiet. Pretty much overloaded Instagram with pictures of Snoopy, but hey why not, he’s cute. The sun even made a fleeting appearance at times. We managed a lovely walk in the evening sun today along the usual spot and I even managed a bit of colour in my cheeks. Maybe this grey Narnia weather is finally over?

Emma also got a chance to ride her bike in some quiet areas rather than the busy streets of London. I think she quite likes it, although perhaps a shorter stem would help. Back to work tomorrow but looking forward to a trip to Wales next weekend for some riding at Coed-Y-Brenin.

IMG 6789
Kicks and bike
Lotus Challenger Mixte
A bell and snoopy