Hove and Shoreham photo walk

Back in December I dragged myself out of bed early on a Sunday morning to head down to Brighton to meet Jim and Finn for a bit of a photo walk along the coast. I was hoping to repeat the success of the one I did cycling East from the Design Museum (but without the swing on the lens engaged this time) as well as get out of London for the day.

I like the idea of picking a place and then doing a mini photo project in a day. Just taking the tripod, camera and 24mm shift lens and then observing the interesting spaces I see.

One point

Instead of the main stretch of Brighton seafront we headed West past Hove and into the more industrial areas of Shoreham. We were blessed with a perfect winters day. Hardly any cloud, warm sun, clear blue skies and a real sense of clarity to the light.


It took a while to find things I wanted to shoot but once I found them progress was slow on our walk. Seemingly everywhere you turned there was another form, fence, yard or industrial machinery to shoot.


Wind break

Finn had to get back so he left after a coffee at a small but decent cafe we found. Jim and I pushed on as far as you could walk which ended up at the mouth of the port.

Beach meets fence


We then looped back on ourselves and crossed over a bridge back to the main part of Shoreham to wander back along at higher ground.


Saw tooth

By this time the light was starting to fade so I grabbed this one and headed up to Jim’s place to sort out his shot for my Creative Spaces project.

Industrial sky

Looking forward to my next photo walk. Maybe something in London, the Thamesmead Estate or something on the coast again.