Architecture Inspiration Photography

Inspiration #4 – Ben Jones

I found Ben’s work after following him on Twitter for the last few years. I really enjoy his work, which at first glance appears to be medium format due to the tonal qualities and square format along with architectural ‘verticals, vertical’ style which is very much reminiscent of the work of Sander Meisner. As with Meisner a lot of his photos appear in my favourites page on Flickr. Intriguingly though he is using a compact digital camera and making corrections after in Photoshop. This by no means diminishes the quality of his images though.

Ben could be accused of being obsessed with dark, gloomy or dull spaces. For me the images are more about finding beauty in the every day or the mundane that surrounds us. The consistency of his work is incredible, something I’ve completely failed at with my Flickr. I’ve added a few of my recent favourite images below but you should definitely spend some time going through his photo stream.